Service Charge Benchmarking Methodology All SCOR data is obtained from service charge budgets and reconciliation statements (service charge certificates) provided to Property Solutions by the contributing parties. Supplementary information contained within covering letters and additional attachments is also reviewed. All Service Charge Operating Report (SCOR) data is hand-collated and analysed from the original source documents.

le opzioni binarie sono una cosa seria During the preparation of SCOR, a comprehensive audit of the data collection, analysis and archiving process is undertaken by Dr Andrew Holt. Each historical document included within the previous research is re-visited and its content re-analysed before its data is allowed entry to the SCOR database. In each analysis, a random sample of the SCOR documents and metrics is audited for input and calculation accuracy. As documents typically cover different parts of the same calendar year, each document is assigned to a year on the basis of whether its accounting period covered the majority of that year. For example, if a document covered the accounting period 01/04/07 to 31/03/08, it would be assigned the year 2007 as the majority of its period falls within that year.

swissquote opzioni binarie Unless specified in a report, small samples (such as documents used for analysis of compliance with requirements of the RICS Code in relation to preparation and issuance of service charge documents) are selected from the core dataset (documents are selected at random from the list of all documents’ numbers, purely on the basis of their document number; when such selection is made no information on the property, including the landlord/managing agent, is available to the person carrying out the selection process) .

köpa generisk Sildenafil Citrate online For service charge cost analysis, costs are aggregated under the cost categories prescribed by the RICS Code, although this has proven a complex and time consuming exercise due to many documents failing to comply with the Code’s disclosure requirements. When necessary supplementary and selected longitudinal data is also used to provide additional rigour for certain parts of the study. Such additional data is also derived from original documents and audited for input and calculation accuracy.

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